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Dr. Michelle S. Thomas, Your Relationship Surgeon™, helps individuals and businesses PRECISELY pinpoint what is INFECTING their ability to achieve PEACE, PROSPERITY AND PROFITABILITY while placing them on a permanent path into SUCCESS! 

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That nagging feeling that something is infecting your legacy?  That the long-term success and happiness you desire isn't within reach?  That's all about to change.

Dr. Michelle is the FIXER!

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Dr. Michelle S. Thomas has spent her lifetime helping people.  As a 8X Internationally Best-Selling Author with 25 years of years of relationship coaching experience, she is uniquely qualified to help individuals and businesses pin-point the injuries and infections that are keeping them stagnant.

Dr. Michelle S. Thomas is a Public speaker, author, Certified Life , business Coach & Relationship Expert

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Dr. Michelle sums up her qualifications by saying “Life was my un-frameable degree!” Her own life experiences allow her to help others understand the power they TRULY have within themselves despite their circumstances. She transparently she helps others get through their own storms into the life they desire and deserve. She does this via her books, public speaking, and personal and business coaching.

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available now!

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Dr. Michelle S. Thomas is a 8X award winning author.  Her works focus on real, raw advice for the blended families of today, as well diving into her own life experiences and how they shaped her drove her to create her own definition of success.  

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