Dr. Michelle S. Thomas, Your Business Surgeon is an 11X Internationally Best-Selling Author, Certified Life/ Relationship/Business Coach, Motivational speaker, and Multiple business owner. She serves individuals and businesses by precisely pinpointing what is “infecting” their ability to achieve PEACE, PROSPERITY and PROFITABILITY while placing them on a permanent path of success!

Dr. Michelle S. THOMAS is a Global speaker, Best Seller author, Certified Life and Business Coach & Relationship Expert

She stood for what she believed, fought for the people who could not, and drove towards the impossible. Anyone that got to know Dr. Michelle, quickly found that everything she did and said was directly from her heart. Her life story has not been one of a linear path, it has been full of stops and restarts, hopefulness and hopelessness, huge gains, and catastrophic losses.

Even as a young child she always understood the power of her “voice". 

She will use only two words to explain how she never lost herself throughout all her trials and that is “but God!” It was not until a friend of hers called her and sang a song titled “You don’t know my story” that she began to understand her true purpose. From that one moment of encouragement she has now built an international renown business around what has always come natural to her… helping people!

Through her own experiences and transparently she helps others get through their own storms into the life they desire and deserve. She does this via her books, public speaking, and personal and business coaching.

even while she was within her valleys, she always found herself speaking life into others.

She uses the phrase “Life was my un-frameable degree!” to help others understand the power they TRULY have within themselves despite their circumstances. 

Dr. Michelle S. Thomas, Your Business Surgeon has spent over 30 years studying, analyzing and healing relationships of all types and within all stages. The journey into truly understanding relationships was birth out of her own determination not allow her “let downs” to become her Legacy! 

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