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Michelle S. Thomas, Your Relationship Surgeon has spent over 20 years studying, analyzing and healing relationships of all types and within all stages. The journey into truly understanding relationships was birth out of her own determination not allow her “let downs” to become her Legacy! 

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She will have your audience engaged from the moment she enters the stage until the end. Her ability to connect with groups of all sizes, genders and ethnicities has made her a well-sought after presenter. She commands the stage with her mixture of engaging content, educating takeaways and entertaining deliveries. We GUARANTEE your attendees will be positively impacted by this presenter forever!

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Michelle S. Thomas has spent her lifetime helping people. She specializing in Relationship coaching, Personal Development and Family Conflict. Her 25 years of relationship coaching has helped husbands and wives rekindle or even find the type of connection they once felt was impossible. She meets couples and individuals where they are in their relationship and LISTENS to customize an agreed-upon successful result-driven plan to take them from the midst of their storms to better times after the storms.

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The author, Michelle S. Thomas, writes in a RAW and UNFILTERED style that does not shy away from the issues “infecting” the modern family. She believes that people tend to “hear” and understand better by stepping into someone else’s situation. Then they begin to open their hearts and eyes to the unSPOKEN issues growing within their own family. Once they become “present” in their own relationship, they are better equipped to receive the help they have been seeking. She provides insight and guidance in “real talk” that will speak to any age, gender, ethnicity or relationship status!

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Think about how you define wealth.  Is it a number in your bank account? Or the freedom to live the life you want with out financial worry?  Unlock everything you desire and deserve to change your life and lifestyle FOREVER!  Your Time Is NOW!  Boldly say, "I CAN HAVE IT ALL!"

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Michelle S. Thomas is a 4x award winning author.  Her works focus on real, raw advice for the blended families of today, as well diving into her own life experiences and how they shaped her drove her to create her own definition of success.